Three Critical Signs That You Need a Hot Water Replacement

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Most homes in Australia rely on hot water every day for cooking, showering, and cleaning. That is why it is vital to have properly working hot water systems in the home. When these systems fail, they can disrupt many household activities, especially in the winter when they are most needed. Even with the highest level of care, wear and tear will eventually cause the hot water system to break down. Sometimes, the damage can be repaired by changing a few parts. However, a hot water replacement will be necessary if the damage cannot be fixed.

How do you know it is time to replace your hot water system? Here are three significant signs to look out for.

Rust in the water 

By the time you are identifying rust in your water, it is probably too late to do repairs that would salvage your hot water system. Rust is characterised by brownish and murky water coming from your tap water. As a rule of thumb, having your boiler checked and regularly serviced by a qualified hot water plumber is vital. During the maintenance checks, your plumber will note any corrosion and rust in your hot water tank or piping and recommend corrective measures. If the problem is too advanced, your plumber might recommend a hot water replacement to restore your system to a pristine condition.

Age of the hot water system

Several factors can influence the life of your hot water system, but most importantly, it is the water quality and regular maintenance. In ideal situations, a quality hot water system should last for nearly a decade on standard usage. As the system approaches the end of its life, it is not uncommon for it to break down much more regularly. Because of this, repairs become a consistent unjustifiable expense. At this point, the correct thing to do is to hire a qualified hot water plumber to help you identify a modern and quality system for your hot water replacement.

Greater demand for hot water

Hot water systems are usually designed and installed to serve a predetermined number of people. This is mainly done for efficiency and sometimes due to budgetary constraints. However, in certain situations, the number of individuals in a household could increase, straining your hot water system and causing low water pressure. In that case, you would need a hot water replacement to improve your system's capacity. When you hire a professional hot water plumber, they will help you design and install a higher capacity system to serve the extra residents in your home effectively.