Do You Need to Dig up Your Patio to Deal with an Underground Blockage?

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If you have a blocked drain somewhere beneath your backyard, but you've recently spent a lot of money paving that area with fancy brickwork, you may be under stress. After all, you don't know where the blockage is and can imagine the damage and disruption ahead with the associated cost. How much will you need to spend to "redo" the brickwork, in addition to your plumbing fees?

Shedding Light on the Issue

Before you panic too much, get in touch with a plumber who is equipped with the latest technology. Gone are the days of uncertainty, as they may now be able to pinpoint the source of the problem with amazing accuracy instead. Even better news, they may not need to excavate at all in certain circumstances, which means that your brickwork could remain intact.

Technology to the Rescue

This magic system is, effectively, a closed-circuit TV camera. The new technology is fixed to the end of a flexible pipe, which can be fed down into the underground system from the surface. The tiny TV camera has a high-powered LED light, and as it moves further down the underground pipe, it will illuminate everything in its path. When it arrives at the blockage, the operator on the surface can assess the problem and, crucially, will know its exact location.

Remote Repairs

Some plumbers have miniature tools that can also be fed down into the underground pipe and remotely operated. In this case, the plumber may be able to apply a high-pressure water jet to remove the blockage. Alternatively, they may be able to cut through an offending tree root if it has punctured the pipe and caused that blockage in the first place.

Least Amount of Disruption

If they are not able to remove the blockage remotely, then at least they will know exactly where to excavate. They will use the simplest tools possible to cause the least damage and help them work with the greatest efficiency. In fact, they may not need to bring a digger of any kind to the site, and you may not need to worry as much about your recent installation.

The Solution May Be Simple

So, before you lose any more sleep, get in touch with your local plumber and ask them if they have a CCTV drain inspection system. They will ask you about the problem and determine the likely cause before providing you with advice and a corresponding course of action.

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