3 Signs Your Gas Furnace is Underperforming and Requires Repairs

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Homes rely on furnaces to heat indoor air during winter and promote a comfortable space amidst the cold outdoors. Therefore, if your furnace is underperforming, you need to establish the root of the problem. Failure to do so can lead to heating system failure. With this in mind, here are three signs your gas furnace is underperforming and may need heating repair services.

Inadequate heating 

When you set the desired temperatures on your thermostat, your furnace heats the air to the specified temperature. If your system isn't reaching the set temperatures, something is wrong with the furnace. The first component to check should be the thermostat. A faulty thermostat fails to record the correct temperatures, resulting in inadequate heating.

Also, check your furnace sensor, which is the device that transmits signals between the thermostat and furnace. A broken sensor may fail to transmit the signals, which causes the thermostat to record the wrong temperatures. If your furnace is overheating due to failing components, it may shut off prematurely before attaining the set temperatures. 

Inconsistent airflow

Are you having airflow problems in your home? Are there cold spots or rooms that are warmer than others? This problem is common in ducted heating systems. It may result from the following issues:

The above issues can cause your furnace to overwork to heat the home, leading to overheating and failure. Thus, carry out a system diagnosis to locate and fix the problem.

Short-cycling furnace

Is your furnace shutting off and starting at more frequent intervals than before? A well-functioning furnace should cycle two or three times an hour to heat a house. If the appliance cycles more than it used to, it could be underperforming. This problem is known as short-cycling, and it occurs due to overheating.

An overheating furnace may shut off before fully heating your home to prevent component damage. When it shuts down, the thermostat sends a signal to the furnace to turn on the heat to reach the preset temperatures. This cycle can cause parts of the furnace to wear down prematurely. It can also cause the circuit breaker to trip often.

An underperforming furnace can frustrate your efforts to achieve indoor comfort during the cold season. Contact an HVAC contractor for a proper diagnosis and repairs!