How Warm Is Your Swimming Pool?

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Do you enjoy taking a swim in your pool every day? If you have a home swimming pool or if you are thinking about having one installed then it is important to think carefully about the type of pool that you want to make certain that what you have perfectly suits your needs. You will not doubt think about the size, depth and shape of your pool, but there is another characteristic that you can't afford to forget. You could have a perfectly shaped pool but you won't want to use it often if the water is too cold for you to enjoy a swim.

Do you need pool heating?

If you live in an area that is generally warm then you might not consider pool heating essential. You might think that if the air temperature or the pool water surface is warm then your pool will be warm enough. The problem is that neither of these things is a reliable guide to the temperature of the water deep below the surface. If you want to ensure that you can swim comfortably then you will need to look for some pool heat pump suppliers and find out what heating solution they suggest for your pool.

Why use a heat pump?

When it comes to pool heating there are several options that you could consider. Many people enjoy the convenience gas heating while other people will stress the environmental benefits of solar pool heating, but these methods can have significant drawbacks. Gas pool heating can work out to be quite expensive while solar pool heating takes a long time to heat the water, particularly if the day is not that warm. As an alternative solution, the heat pump can be a cost-effective option. Any pool heat pump suppliers will be able to help you determine if one is right for you.

How do heat pumps work?

When you install a heat pump, you will discover that it works by gathering any heat in the air and transferring it to your swimming pool via a heat exchanger. These heat pumps are powered by electricity, which is normally a far cheaper option than gas heating. Any of your local pool heat pump suppliers will be able to help you work out an approximate running cost for a heat pump in your pool. You can give the supplier a call and discuss your options with them they will be happy to help you.

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