4 Signs Your Toilet May Eventually Cause Blocked Drains

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As important as your toilet is in the home, it may be the cause of frequently blocked drains. This often happens if the toilet is damaged, old or poorly maintained. Many homeowners let their toilets leak water over long periods, or they may procrastinate dealing with pipes that get clogged more frequently than usual.

Paying attention to the functioning of your toilet can help you avoid the inconvenience and costs of regularly unblocking your drains. Here are 4 signs that indicate your toilet is causing blockages in your home.

1. You notice frequent leaking

If you notice regular pools of water near the base of your toilet, you may be experiencing a leak. Leaks are caused by damaged piping, corrosion or breakage. A loose toilet handle may also cause leakage. Leaking could result in the accumulation of mineral deposits in your pipes. When these deposits harden, your pipes become clogged, and blockage occurs.

Additionally, leaks could provide an inlet for air to accumulate inside your pipes. This air could also cause blocked drains.  

2. The toilet is easily blocked

Speaking of blocked drains, your toilet may cause this problem to regularly reoccur if the toilet itself is easily blocked. For example, homeowners having trouble flushing anything down the toilet drain may experience a frequent blockage.

A clogged toilet may be caused by someone who flushed foreign items down the drain. Paper towels, sanitary towels and other large, absorbent materials may cause your toilet to become easily blocked. And once the toilet itself is blocked, the drains connected to it may experience the same problem.

3. You're spending too much on repairs

A damaged toilet can cause you to spend more money on repairs than normal. This is because you may find yourself calling a plumber any time the toilet or connected drains are blocked. Furthermore, failing to address the primary issue may result in needing more repairs than necessary.

Rather than treating the symptoms, address the 'disease' itself by replacing your old or damaged toilet.

4. You have high water bills

A sudden spike in your water bill may indicate drain blockage. This is because blocked drains cause water to build up in your pipes, and excess pressure may cause the pipe to burst. Burst pipes leak water continuously and cause you to have high bills. An old or damaged toilet typically makes blocked drains worse, which is why you should have the toilet repaired as soon as possible.  

Contact a plumbing professional to help with your blocked drains today.