Why Water Leak Detection Should Be Treated As A Preventative Measure

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When you think of a water leak, you probably envision a burst pipe or a visibly dripping tap that will automatically alert you to the need for professional plumbing services. While these are two ways that leaks can manifest, they are by no means the only issues your house could face. In fact, a good number of leaks tend to happen in hidden parts of your home such as behind walls or under the subflooring. Hence, you will be going about your day to day thinking your plumbing is in working order, which leaves the undiagnosed leak to wreak havoc in your home. A blunder some people make is presuming water leak detection is only a service they require when water damage is discernible but this is not the case. Here are two compelling reasons why water leak detection should be enlisted routinely as a preventive measure.

Water leak detection ensures conservation

When a leak goes undetected for a prolonged period, if a small one that drips a little bit of water every hour, it will eventually lead to the loss of a massive volume of water over time. So while you may not notice that your plumbing has sprung a tiny leak, the effect will eventually manifest on your ever-increasing water bill. Rather than risk this from happening, it is in your best interest to enlist water leak detection services at least on an annual or bi-annual basis. A professional plumber will carry out a thorough inspection of the entire plumbing system with specialised equipment to ensure that nothing is in jeopardy. Additionally, they will be able to establish if one or more pipes are compromised and remedy the problem before it eventually turns into a leak down the road.

Water leak detection prevents damage

Undiagnosed leaks in the home, however minimal, pose the threat of extensive damage to your property if left unchecked. If a leak has sprung in a pipe, it means the construction supplies around it will be exposed to moisture continually. At the onset, the supplies may simply absorb the water. With time, though, the water begins to damage the structural integrity of the materials, especially if they comprise timber. The longer the leaking water goes unnoticed, the higher the likelihood of mould spreading, and this will lead to further property damage, not to mention the health risks that the spreading mould will pose to you and your loved ones. By investing in water leak detection, you are proactively upholding the structural integrity of your residence.