Sewer Line Camera Inspection

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Regular and timely plumbing maintenance is a vital exercise if you intend to keep your residential plumbing system working in good working condition for a long time to come.

If you're comparing between several plumbing maintenance companies, you're bound to come across one that offers sewer line camera inspection as part of their service package.

You should definitely consider hiring them as opposed to others. There are several advantages of sewer line camera inspection that you will want to take advantage of as you seek to fix leaking drainage pipes.

Landscape Integrity

Plumbing maintenance can be an intrusive exercise, especially when working with pipes installed below the ground level.

Sewer line camera inspection can help to make it less intrusive. This is because it allows the maintenance contractor to locate the exact location of a leak without digging out sections of your landscape.

The maintenance contractor will feed a small camera attached to something like a cable into your drainage pipes so as to get an internal view of the pipework. Consequently, it becomes possible to locate the exact location of a plumbing leak. Only once the location has been established will your yard be dug up in order to repair the leak or replace the pipe depending on what you choose to do.

A sewer line camera inspection will help to preserve the integrity of your landscape as much as possible during and after the maintenance exercise.

Identification of Future Problems

Another important benefit of sewer line camera inspections is also advantageous because it can help to identify future drainage problems in their early stages.

Once the leaking pipes(s) have been repaired or replaced, a professional plumbing maintenance contractor will feed the camera back into your drainage pipes so as to check other sections of the pipe for their structural integrity. For example, there could be a section of the pipe that has thinned out significantly due to natural wear but is yet to give in and cause a leak.

A sewer line camera inspection makes it possible to identify other problems that your drainage pipes might be having aside from the now-repaired leakage.


Because sewer line inspection will create less of a mess on your residential landscape, there'll be a less cumbersome cleanup job once the maintenance exercise is complete. Therefore, there is less labour involved with a sewer line inspection, and this can easily translate into significant cost savings.  

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