Two Steps to Take if You Want to Install a Powerful New Shower in Your Wet Room

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If the shower in your wet room produces a dribbling stream of water that makes your daily showers difficult, and you've decided to get a plumber to remove it and install a more powerful shower, you should take note of the advice provided here.

Replace the existing floor waste with a much bigger stainless steel one

When the plumber comes to fit the new shower, you should also have them remove the existing floor waste and fit a much bigger stainless steel one. It is vital to do this because if the new shower the plumber fits expels water in an incredibly quick and powerful manner, the water will build up very quickly if the floor waste does not feature a large number of drainage holes.

This might result in you having to stand in a pool of the dirty water that you have rinsed off your body for most of the time that you spend in the shower. This could make the experience of washing even more frustrating than it was when you had the weaker shower and thus make the installation of the new one a waste of your money and time. Conversely, if the floor waste is large enough to handle a continuous stream of rapidly cascading water, you should be able to shower comfortably without having to experience the unpleasant sensation of dirty water pooling around your feet.

It is also important that, when you head to the hardware shop in search of this item, you limit yourself to the shop's selection of stainless steel floor wastes instead of also of taking ones made from other materials into consideration too. The reason for this is that your new powerful shower will pelt water at the floor waste quite forcefully. As such, if the waste is made from a lighter material, like aluminium, instead of robust stainless steel, it may eventually be left with lots of small but unsightly indentations.

Consider adding an enclosed storage cabinet to the wall

After the plumber has fitted this new shower, you may need to add a new, fully enclosed storage cabinet to the wall of the wet room (if you do not already have one). The reason for this is that when the water comes out of a very powerful shower and hits the floor of a wet room, some of the drops will ricochet off the floor and soar towards nearby items. This is not usually the case when a wet room features a shower with a lower level of water pressure.

As such, if you keep your toilet rolls, extra towels, face cloths and other absorbent items on open shelves after having this shower fitted, they will probably be constantly damp and may even develop some mildew. By putting them in an enclosed cabinet that will shield them from any water drops or mist that fly in their direction, you should be able to keep them dry and mildew-free.

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