Three Different Types Of Roofing That Are A Taste Of The Future

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Roofing is a foundational element of almost every structure across the planet. From large warehouses that cover thousands of square metres to the humble rooftop on your average suburban home, there are many different varieties out there. Now, as technology moves the needle forward in the construction industry as well, you can start to see evidence of some great strides forward in roofing. If you want to be at the forefront of technology and are in the market for some new roofing, then here are some options you should check out.

Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are a fantastic new way of utilising the ultimate power source: the sun. Designed to look more like your average asphalt shingle than a solar panel, solar tiles generate electricity that can power much of your home. Of course, this technology is still in its infancy, and so the cost for early adapters is more than your average roofing project. However, considering how much money you will eventually save on electricity costs, this could be a great future investment. It is also far more environmentally friendly than almost any other type of roofing option if that is important to you.

Asphalt Tiles

While it may not seem like asphalt tiles are especially high tech, the truth is that the design process behind them has continually been refined so that they are now more durable and cheaper than ever before. Modern asphalt tiles can withstand the toughest weather Australia can throw at them, from high wind speeds to heavy rainfall. While some technology can only be improved so far, asphalt tiles show no sign of slowing down in their race to be the best and most aesthetically pleasing tile on the market. Their customisability also gives them an edge over the competition. 

Green Roofing

The term green roofing generally refers to the use of natural elements on top of the roof that act as a environmental offset of climate change for that household. Plants recycle much of the carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that lead to global warming, so having even a few plants installed on your roof can have an impact on the climate over the long term. Green roofing is growing in popularity and speaks to urban and high-density areas that are attempting to combat the threat of climate change in the home while also increasing the amount of green spaces in their community. Green roofing is a specialty area of construction, and not every roofing business will be able to service this need, so bare that in mind when deciding. 

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