Three Indicators that You Might Need Hot Water Replacement in Your Home

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The hot water system is one of the most important appliances in the home. Nothing is more frustrating than waking up in the morning and discovering that you have to take a cold shower because the hot water system is not working as it should. To prevent such an event from catching you when you're least prepared, it is advisable to always check the signs which indicate your hot water system might be failing. Here are three indicators that you may need to replace your hot water system.

A Decline in Hot Water Supply

The first obvious sign that your hot water system is falling apart is a reduction in the amount of hot water your system is producing. The regular amount of hot water produced by your tank depends on its capacity and your usage. When a previously sufficient hot water supply becomes insufficient, it is time to investigate the cause. Sometimes, the decline could be because the system is not heating as well as it used to or the water is taking longer than it used to before heating. It is advisable to call in a plumber for a thorough inspection as soon as you realise there is a decline in your hot water supply to find out if you need hot water replacement.

Leakage and Corrosion

The second sign of trouble with your hot water system is when there is leakage and corrosion in the system. A hot water tank is supposed to serve you for a minimum of ten years, provided that it is regularly maintained. However, if it is poorly maintained, the contact with water leads to corrosion, which will eventually create a leak. If the leak is on the pressure relief valve, the heater can no longer manage the pressure inside the tank and you will need to replace it. Similarly, corrosion on the pipe fitting indicates that you need to inform a plumber.

Strange Smell

When the hot water tank is functioning properly, the water which comes out of it smells and looks clean. If you notice a mild rotten egg or sulphuric smell coming from the tank, it could mean that you have a gas leak. The smell could also be a cue to clean the tank and stop the formation of scum, which interferes with the freshness of the water.

Other indicators that your tank could be having problems include popping noises inside the tank, yellow flames coming from the tank and rust on any part of the equipment. If you notice that your tank has any of these problems, you need to talk to a plumber.

For more information, contact a hot water replacement service in your area.