How To Easily Tell If Your Drainage Is Blocked

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Blockages build up slowly, so catching them early is important in preventing any functional or structural damage. Blockages can be caused by anything from food waste, wipes, tissue, dirt or even hair. Blocked drains are often disastrous and can cause complications to you and your home. If left untreated, water from blocked drains may damage your walls and floor. In extreme cases, water could leak to the foundations of your home and compromise its structural integrity. Fortunately, blocked drains have clear warning signs. Some foolproof signs include the following signs.

Unpleasant odours

One of the most obvious signs, the foul smell, mostly comes from the decomposing food debris trapped in the blockage. The bad smell will be felt around your shower, bathtub, kitchen sick toilet, or shower. This is, on most occasions, the first sign before any visual cues come to shore, and you probably shouldn't ignore it.

Overflow in the toilet

Raised water levels in the toilet is a dead giveaway for blocked drainage. Blocked drains tend to clog toilet water pipes; as a result, the water rises past its normal level until it overflows when you flush your toilet. If it's a partial blockage, a plunger should be able to remove the debris and get the water flowing again. If the plunger fails to work, then a professional plumber will have to come in.

Slow drainage

Like a foul smell, slow drainage is easy to notice, and it's so common that most people assume it will go away on its own. However, this could be an indication that things could be messed up underneath, especially if it occurs one more than one drain. Ideally, draining water should create a whirlpool as the water flows down steadily. Anything less means there's a blockage on the water path, and you should get it checked.

Gurgling sounds

Gurgling sounds coming from your drains are a clear indication that there's air trapped in the pipes. Air gets normally trapped in drainage pipes because of debris build-up, and as the water tries to find its way, it hits the barrier, releasing the unusual sounds. The minute you hear abnormal sounds while in the shower or after flushing your toilet, dial a plumber to examine your drainage pipes.

When it comes to blocked drains, prevention is indeed better than cure. Blocked drains are unpredictable and can cause a major financial setback if you ignore the early signs above.