Four Common Signs Your Gas Heater May Require Repair Service

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Do you rely on a gas heater to keep your family warm and comfortable during the winter months? If so, then you know that the importance of a well-functioning heating system can never be overstated. In fact, you may not be able to imagine living even a single chilly day without it.

That said, gas heating equipment can develop problems over the course of normal operation. While most problems can be prevented by performing regular maintenance on the equipment, problems may occur even on well-maintained equipment.

The best way to maximise the performance and lifespan of your gas heater is to constantly watch out for signs of trouble and perform the necessary repair work immediately. Check out some common gas heater warning signs below.

1. Your Interior Living Space Doesn't Get Warm Enough

When your gas heater is working properly, temperatures inside your house should match the temperature setting indicated on the equipment's programmable thermostat. If you've adjusted your thermostat to the desired temperature setting but your house still doesn't get warm enough, this is a tell-tale symptom of a faulty gas heater.

2. Your Gas Heater Produces Strange Noises

Gas heaters work by burning gas to produce the heat required to heat up your indoor air. These heating systems are designed to work almost completely silently. Do you hear humming, banging, rattling, gurgling, popping, squealing or other noises when operating your gas heater?

Any suspicious noises shouldn't be ignored, as they could be a sign of potential or existing problems.

3. Your Household Members Haven't Been Feeling Well 

How have your household members been feeling of late? Have they felt nauseated or noticed excessive dryness in their eyes? These are some common warning signs that your furnace might be leaking carbon monoxide.

If you can spot soot around the furnace registers, it is likely that you have a carbon monoxide issue in your home. Having your furnace repaired can help to make your heating system function without compromising your family's health and safety.

4. Your Energy Bill Has Been Soaring

If your energy bills have been going up for no apparent reason, it is likely that your heating system is losing energy. As a result, it may end up using more energy than it should to keep you and your family warm enough.

If you notice one or more of the above-highlighted warning signs of gas heater malfunction, it is best to contact a gas heater repair specialist for assistance.