Typical Problems Plumbers Fix With Hot Water Systems

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In both commercial settings as well as domestic ones, hot water repair jobs are one of the mainstays of a plumber's work. There are all sorts of issues that can crop up with hot water and central heating systems, so a plumber will need to be well-versed in all of them. What are the most common problems that will mean you need a plumber for a hot water repair call-out?

Water Is Cooler Than Usual

Sometimes you will notice that your water is not as hot as you are used to. This will typically occur when you run the taps and the cold water that was in the pipes has been drained but the hot water that subsequently comes out is warm, not truly hot. In some cases, this can be because your mixer tap is drawing cold water down, too, so check with a hot water tap only to see if the problem occurs everywhere. If so, then your plumber may need to adjust the pressure settings on your combi-boiler or to adjust the dip tube of your storage tank to get the hot water piping everywhere once more.

No Hot Water At All

This is a more common issue than you might think. In some cases, the pilot light of your boiler has gone out. If so, go through the re-start procedure in your owner's manual. If this does not resolve the problem—or you can already see the pilot light is lit—then you will need a hot water repair from a professional. In some cases, a new boiler will be needed if there is no hot water at all, and you have to be qualified to carry out such work.

Insufficient Hot Water

If you find that you have hot water for washing up, baths and showers, but it is running out sooner than it used to, a repair to your water tank may be needed. Storage tanks should store adequate hot water for your daily uses before heating up its refill overnight. However, if there are thermal losses or, worse still, leaks coming from it, then this may account for the problem. Your hot water repair job may be able to resolve the issue, but in some cases, a larger storage tank will be needed.

No Hot Water When You Get Up

As mentioned, overnight heating is the norm for many types of domestic hot water storage cylinders. However, if you find that your morning shower is too cold, but the water seems hot at other times of the day, then the thermostatic timer that controls the heating may be faulty. If this cannot be repaired or reset, then it will need to be replaced.

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