Top Tips When Buying a Water Pump

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Water pumps are essential when you need to irrigate your garden or pump water from an underground source to a tank. Choosing a water pump can be a daunting task. The sections below discuss a few considerations you should make when buying a water pump. 

Reputable Dealers

Conduct some internet research to determine the reliability of various brands on the market. You could also seek referrals from friends and family who have water pumps. Your questions should include:

  1. Does the seller provide a warranty?
  2. What problems is the pump likely to develop?
  3. Are spare parts and repair shops available in your area? 

Types of Water Pumps

Water pumps can be classified according to their: 

Power Source

The pump can be petrol, diesel or electric powered. Petrol pumps are quiet, light and ideal for light usage. Diesel pumps have large engines and are therefore suitable for industrial applications such as firefighting or large-scale irrigation. Electric pumps are a preferable choice if you have a reliable power supply. They are environmentally friendly since they do not emit any gases.

Surface or Submersible

As the name implies, submersible pumps are submerged in water. They are ideal when you need to pump water from deep wells. These pumps are quiet since they operate beneath the surface. Most models are designed to pump solids and cannot clog.

Surface pumps are installed above the water source. They are ideal for domestic purposes such as irrigating your garden or pumping water from an underground to an overhead tank.

Water Pump Features

Below are several features to look for in a water pump. 

  1. The flow rate is the amount of water the pump can discharge within a given period. Pumps with a high flow rate will have large engines producing a lot of pressure.
  2. The discharge head is the maximum height at which the pump can discharge water. On the other hand, the suction head is the depth from which the pump can operate.
  3. If you need a portable pump, you would be interested in light pumps with a simple design.
  4. Over time, the water pump may need priming to ensure it operates at maximum pressure. Preferably, purchase a pump with an automatic priming feature.  

Maintenance Tips

If you have a petrol water pump, ensure the pump has sufficient fuel and lubricants. Service the pump by changing the oil and replacing clogged filters and worn out spark plugs. Regular cleaning of surface pumps will prevent rusting. Use genuine OEM parts during service and repair. 

When buying a water pump, consider reputable companies, choose a suitable pump and check the pump features. Preferably, ask a professional to install the pump.